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Medical Cannabis Regulatory Solutions


Veritec’s real-time regulatory registry solutions have already been successfully implemented to manage real-time state regulatory registry programs in thirteen states, and our proven track record shows that we have the knowledge capital, expertise and experience to transfer this success into the medical cannabis regulatory industry.

We provide a technology and operating structure that leverages the proven performance and strengths of our current solutions with our excellent service delivery experience. Our systems include a number of features to ensure compliant access for Patients, improve the operating environment for Physicians and facilitate the State’s ability to regulate this industry.


Some of the primary “high level” business functions and objectives addressed by our Medical Cannabis Regulatory Systems are:

  • Enable patients to register online to participate in their State’s Medical Cannabis Program.
  • Enable physicians to satisfy the needs of their patients while maintaining compliance with state law, and with minimal interruption of business processes.
  • Enable regulators to update patient, physician, and producer information as needed.
  • Enable regulators to efficiently and effectively oversee regulatory compliance and maintain administrative and management control over the statewide program.
  • Enable producers to input information regarding seed to cultivation activity along with product information.
  • Provide the ability of Law Enforcement Officers to access the regulatory system to check on patient orders and dispensing information.
  • Provide timely technical support for the program.sample_med-marijuana_card


Our solution includes the Veritec suite of compliance reporting tools that will be customized to meet or exceed your specific requirements, and we will offer our extensive knowledge capital to assist you in defining these requirements.

A “best practices” delivery approach with a deliverable-based project plan is utilized to establish control over the project delivery process.  Our project team is comprised of a group of business and technology professionals with the right skills, dedication and experience to deliver your Medical Cannabis Registry on-scope, on time and on budget.  This team has a proven track record in delivering custom application systems and supporting operations for state governments and the financial services industry.

Veritec understands the importance of a reliable, quality-oriented and customer-focused operational environment, and we have years of experience delivering these capabilities.  We believe that the cornerstones of quality service delivery and world-class operations are a clear understanding of the business and customer needs, world-class technical and operations solutions, highly trained and motivated personnel, effective management processes and proven business continuity processes.

If you or your state has any questions about our Medical Cannabis Regulatory Solutions, please give us a call at 904-421-7230.