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Welcome to Veritec Solutions

Applying BI to Payday Lending Regulatory Solutions

Learn how regulators can improve the effectiveness of service and maintain market integrity using real-time technology to ensure that all licensed payday lending activity is in compliance with State Law.

Veritec Solutions implemented a "first of its kind" payday lending regulatory solution for the State of Florida that includes a 24x7 real-time, e-business, centralized database in addition to a toll-free call center to handle regulatory questions from the business and consumer communities.

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Collaborative Government Solutions

Recent economic and political events have strained State Governments with increasing pressures of new regulatory responsibilities, revenue shortfalls, accountability, shrinking workforce and technology expertise. Security and anti-terrorism requirements demand innovative solutions that are self-funding. Veritec is a partner that helps government meet these challenges by developing a partnership in effective regulatory solutions that transform the business of government.

The business and citizen communities demand balanced regulatory solutions that provide the greatest protection to consumers at the lowest cost to the industry. Service levels are expected to be more like the 24x7 world of the private sector -- always available, more efficient, and always aligned with the needs of the customer. We know that the future of government is riding on the innovative thinking of today. Veritec can help you realize your vision by practical means - thinking strategically, starting small and scaling fast – managing risk, innovating processes, leveraging technology, and continuously improving process performance along the way. No matter how complex the challenge - our experience, depth of expertise, resources and knowledge capital will help our clients achieve practical and effective solutions that exceed the challenge.

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