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Real-time Regulatory Compliance

Instant Data. Actionable Intel. Customized Compliance.

At Veritec, we aren’t all talk. We believe in producing consistent, solid work over long periods of time – over 20 years. Simply ask one of our clients or an employee what makes Veritec a leader in the industry and you’ll hear things like:

  • Regulated industry knowledge
  • Customization
  • Client relationships
  • Solves problems to address unique needs

Our Core Competencies

Experienced Team

We are proud to have a team rooted in longevity. Our team’s tenure at Veritec and experience across state lines continues to provide continuity, depth and breadth to our clients in the regulatory space. From building databases to providing exceptional customer service and operations support, you’ll find our team is experienced, thoughtful and steady.

Industry Knowledge

We have the type of knowledge and “know-how” that can only be gained from over 18 years in the field. Our team is tightly coupled with state legislatures and regulators in developing, supporting and interpreting key legislation, governing rules and contracts. This knowledge results in superior software that supports the law and provides regulators with the tools they need to protect consumers. Simply put, this allows us to provide valuable insights that help clients avoid pitfalls and missteps along the way.


Every state and each program has different needs. We understand that customization is critical. Veritec works hand-in-hand with our clients to design a real-time regulatory solution to meet the desired functionality of your legislation. This means you won’t be funding features you never plan to use. And if we don’t have a product feature in our current arsenal to fit your need – we’ll build one.

Client Relationships

We work to build strong relationships with our clients. In fact, most see our team as an extension of their own. We want to understand your challenges, and are quick to identify solutions. Doing this consistently is the best thing we can do to build a solid and trusted relationship.

Real-time data

We specialize in instantaneous information. We create custom dashboards that allow your team to see and use this data in a meaningful way. This real-time feature allows your team to verify, flag or stop a consumer transaction instantly. Even better, this solution can often be provided at no direct cost for state appropriation.


While the consumer front-facing platforms and applications are easy to navigate, the back end is built with security as the core focus. This piece is critical for auditing purposes, but more importantly for management of your jurisdiction’s reputation.

Industries We Serve

We create dynamic real-time regtech solutions that work seamlessly across industry and state lines. What’s unique about our software, is that it allows us to grow into new markets all the time. No matter the industry, we’re ready to help with your unique compliance solutions.

20 Million Financial Transactions Every Year

Veritec Solutions is active in a number of jurisdictions around the world. We process more than 20 million short-term financial transactions every year in real time, and record and regulate hundreds of thousands of mortgage loan originations per year. A few of the areas we have interests in include:

  • 2002: Florida (Payday)
  • 2004: Oklahoma
  • 2005: Illinois (Payday/Installment)
  • 2005: Indiana
  • 2006: Michigan
  • 2007: North Dakota
  • 2007: New Mexico
  • 2008: Virginia, Illinois (APLD)
  • 2009: Washington, South Carolina, Kentucky,  Illinois (Auto title)
  • 2010: Wisconsin
  • 2011: Illinois (Small Cila Loans)
  • 2013: Delaware
  • 2015: Alabama, Florida (Check Cashing Database)
  • 2017: Florida (Medical Marijuana Card Program)
  • 2021: Nevada

Ready to add your state to the list?