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We process more than 20 million short-term financial transactions every year in real-time, and record and regulate hundreds of thousands of mortgage loan originations per year.

No matter which loan products you’re monitoring statewide, we’ve got you covered.

Our software makes it easy to track, identify, and stop non-compliant loan transactions in real-time. Just chat with one of our team members today about options for your unique needs. Even package multiple lending products together for a complete solution.

Veritec is an expert in regulating the lending space. We have experience providing real-time compliance solutions for the following loan types:

  • Small Consumer / Small Dollar Loans (Payday Loans)
  • Short Term Loan Products
  • Long Term Loan Products
  • Installment Loan Products
  • Auto Title

Check Cashing & Anti-Fraud

Veritec is here to help your state implement a customized compliance system for fraudulent check cashing activity. By customizing our VISER software to identify and stop check-cashing fraud, including workers compensation insurance premium fraud, we are able to stop businesses in your state from evading taxes.

The Leader in Medical Marijuana Regulatory Solutions

As support for Medical Marijuana continues to grow around the country, states know that they need stringent, real-time solutions to ensure that the laws and rules regulating the industry are properly enforced. It is critical that the right system and program environment is put into place to prevent unauthorized access, illegal distribution, and revenue leakage.

Our Solution: Veritec’s CannaVISER™ Enterprise Registry Database

Veritec is proud to offer a complete solution for the increasing and ever evolving need for medical marijuana regulations. Not only does CannaVISER™ offer real-time solutions for regulating medical marijuana in your state, but our team also offers comprehensive support services to help guide you through the process. Our company offers a variety of compliance and implementation features, including but not limited to:

  • Regulation Support Team
  • Patient & Caregiver Real-Time Registry
  • Patient & Caregiver Call Center
  • Lockbox processing
  • Application Processing
  • ID Card Production
  • Payment Processing
  • Seed-to-Sale Integration