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Our core product is Veritec’s Interactive Solution for Examination Reporting – otherwise known as VISER™

Our VISER™ software tracks real-time transactions, giving regulatory agencies the ability to make instantaneous decisions with that intel. From verifying an eligible transaction to warning or stopping a fraudulent one, this ensures point-of-sale is 100% compliant with minimal burden to the state or licensee/business

VISER™ is designed, engineered, and tested for speed and accuracy.


Product Features

  • Innovative technology that exceeds privacy and security requirements
  • Payment processing
  • Point-of-sale verification
  • Real-time data that enforces statutory compliance
  • Customized configuration
  • Easy-to-use dashboard
  • Browser flexibility
  • Reporting to meet your needs
  • Application program interface (API) integration
  • Customer service integration
  • Licensing
  • Registration
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) integration

Custom Configuration

VISER™ software can be configured to support a state’s specific regulatory environment and compliance need. At a basic level, think of VISER™ as a stop light during a transaction. Our real-time intel can verify, flag or deny a consumer transaction at the point-of-sale. We work with clients directly on customizing this algorithm and action based on your compliance need.


Transactions are immediately verified as compliant if they fulfill all necessary requirements and abide by applicable laws and regulations. This environment is desirable for regulatory agencies who are dealing with low risk transactions, but still require efficient oversight accomplished at the lowest regulatory cost possible.


Transactions that may violate regulatory guidelines can be flagged. The system can be implemented to warn licensees of suspicious activity at the point-of-sale. Every decision is recorded in real-time and made ready for immediate review by the regulatory agency responsible. The system can be customized to elevate certain risks and provide immediate warning to regulatory authorities.


Transactions that do not conform to established laws and regulations are denied. Our point-of-sale database stops regulatory violations in real-time before they happen, reducing costs on remediation while helping to enforce important consumer protections. Our system also notifies the licensee of why their submission fails to meet regulatory requirement and/or may be fraudulent at the point of sale.

Support Services

We aren’t just a software company. For states needing a more all-inclusive solution, we pair the VISER™ product with our proven operations infrastructure to implement real-time compliance.

We understand that every state has different regulatory needs and requirements. Our team works hand-in-hand with yours to customize a program that meets and exceeds your expectation. From point-of-sale verification and operations to reporting and everything in between, Veritec is proud to provide a complete solution.

In addition to helping you implement a customized real-time regulation solution, we also offer licensee training and support. This resource helps licensee businesses learn more about audits and what being licensed in the state means for them. Licensee training is available 24/7, on demand as needed.

Operations Enterprise Support

  • High-quality program management & support services
  • Applicant registration / document processing
  • Consumer registry management
  • Patient & Caregiver Call Center
  • Ongoing interface support for jurisdictions
  • 24/7 availability